Hand tools

Hand tools
We invite you to the world of hand tools from our online store! We are your reliable partner in construction, renovation and production. Here you will find a wide range of high-quality tools that will help you perform tasks of any complexity.

Our range is divided into different categories including:
- screwdrivers and bits
- measuring tool
- heads, adapters, extensions
- retaining ring and bearing pullers
- spanners, combination wrenches, etc.
- pipe and adjustable wrenches
- Hex keys (imbus) and Torx
- fastening tool
- crowbars
- magnetic tool
- Painting tool
- hammers, sledgehammers, Kievites
- sets of tools (heads)
- cutting tool
- clamps and vices
- Ratchets and nuts
- tongs, pliers, wire cutters

With us, you not only get a tool, but also a partner who is always here to support your work achievements and projects. Visit our store and make your work easier and more efficient with us.