Cutting discs

Cutting discs
An important aspect when working with an angle grinder is the selection of the correct wheels or discs, and this choice requires special attention. There are many different types of drives, and it is important to understand their individual purposes for different applications. When choosing wheels for an angle grinder, it is important to be informed or, if possible, consult with experts. The blade must be suitable for the type of work you plan to do with the angle grinder, as this has implications for your safety and the efficiency of the entire system.

It's important to consider that choosing the right drive can be challenging due to the variety of options available. The main difference between them is their size, purpose, shape and ability to be used with a specific model of angle grinder.

Grinder discs have sizes that should be selected taking into account the general system of the grinder and specific tasks.

It is important to understand what specific needs the user has to perform certain tasks, since the differences between drives are significant. One of the important selection criteria is the intended use:
- for wood,
- for metal,
- for concrete,
- for stone processing,
- for granite,
- for brick,

All these parameters of grinder discs can be compared to find the ideal model for a specific task.

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