Toplink hooks

Toplink hooks
Toplink Hooks are spare parts that have the form of a hook with a mechanism for fixing the apple (ball) of the hitch, which are designed to ensure stability and reliable coupling of various equipment with the tractor. They are suitable for use with various types of equipment, including plows, cultivators, trailers and other agricultural equipment.

In our online store, there are five different categories (CAT) of hitch hooks, which differ in size. We also offer top draw hook assemblies with a screw, as well as welded hooks. The screw is used to adjust the length of the upper rod by rotating the threaded pipe.

You can buy upper suspension hooks in our stores in Rivne, Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv and Cherkasy. Our specialists will help you choose the necessary hitch (of the appropriate category) and provide advice on installation and maintenance. Also, we offer fast delivery of hitch hooks throughout Ukraine.

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