Cultivator legs

Cultivator legs
The racks play a key role in the true efficiency of the cultivator, providing stability and precision in the movement of the tines, blades and discs. Our Racks sub-category offers a wide selection of these important parts so you can keep your equipment in top working order.

All racks presented in our assortment are made of high-quality materials, which ensures their durability and reliability during work in the field.

Variety of Sizes:
We offer racks in different sizes to meet different farming needs. From compact to larger models, we have the right rack for every type of cultivator.

Ease of Installation:
Our racks are designed with ease of installation in mind, allowing you to quickly and efficiently keep your cultivator in working order.

The racks we offer are compatible with many models of cultivators, providing a wide range of uses for agricultural needs.

Service Tips:
Regularly checking the condition of the racks and their fasteners will help to avoid unforeseen breakdowns and ensure the smooth and productive operation of your cultivator. Buy racks from us, and your equipment will always have a solid foundation for effective tillage.

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