Bits and holders

Bits and holders
It is impossible to live in the house without a screwdriver and the corresponding bits. With their help, it is easy and quick to screw bolts, screws and other parts into any surface. The bits are hexagonal on one side
and according to your needs curly on the other.

The choice of bit depends on the specific task. There are different types of bits, including Phillips, flat, hex, specialized for different tasks such as working with bolts, drywall, etc. Some of the main types of bits include PH (cross), PZ (cross), hex, SL (slotted), and Torx.

To speed up and improve work, you can use additional magnetic elements together with a screwdriver.

Also, bits can be classified according to the working part into basic, specialized and combined. Basic bits include straight, star, cross and hex. Specialized bits are designed to solve specific problems. Combined ones have working parts at both ends with different sizes and configurations.

It is important to choose bits from reliable manufacturers for long-lasting and efficient performance.

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