Oils & Greases

Oils & Greases
The Lubricants category includes a wide range of lubricants that are used to lubricate various moving mechanisms that require protection against wear, friction and other physical factors. Here you will find lubricants for cars, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, garden equipment:

1. Engine lubricants - used to lubricate the engine and its components, such as pistons, piston rings, connecting rods and other parts. Motor oils can be mineral or synthetic, depending on the composition and characteristics.

2. Hydraulic lubricants - used in hydraulic systems of tractors, excavators and other machinery. Hydraulic lubricants ensure smooth functioning of hydraulic drive systems.

3. Transmission lubricants - used to lubricate the transmission systems of the car, such as the gearbox, differential and other components. Transmission lubricants ensure efficient transfer of power from the engine to the wheels and prevent premature wear of transmission components.

4. Compressor lubricants are lubricants used to lubricate compressors. These lubricants protect well against wear and corrosion, ensure efficient and long-term operation of compressors.

The main warehouse of lubricants and greases is located in the city of Rivne. You can buy lubricants in our representative offices or through an online store with delivery throughout Ukraine.

Our managers will always help with the selection of lubricants, and can advise on the recommended terms for replacing lubricants.