Grease Guns & Components

Grease Guns & Components
Lubricating guns / syringes are used to apply grease to the internal parts of mechanisms. With their help, it is possible to distribute the lubricant in a sufficient amount in the voids, ensuring a reduction in friction, wear and tear and an increase in the duration of the mechanisms.

They provide effective lubrication of internal parts, providing a protective layer and reducing friction. Some guns can be adjusted for the pressure and volume of the lubricant, which allows you to control the application process.

Our assortment includes grease guns (syringes) and accessories for them, which can be purchased. We offer a wide selection of hoses, tips, grease guns and other accessories used in conjunction with grease guns.

The grease gun press is a part of the pump mechanism, designed to supply plastic lubricant to the rubbing surface with the help of a syringe. It is installed on the lubrication holes and simultaneously serves as a shutter that protects the lubrication channel from contamination.

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