Filters in the operation of equipment play an important role in ensuring the reliable and safe functioning of various systems and mechanisms.

Our range of filters is aimed at servicing agricultural and heavy-duty machinery, but you can also find filters for cars. In our online store you can buy filters for different types:

1. Fuel filters - designed to ensure the cleanliness of the fuel entering the engine, thereby preventing contamination and damage to its elements.

2. Oil filters - provide cleaning of the lubricant from particles of dirt that get into it during the operation of the engine, which helps to increase the duration of its operation.

3. Air filters - ensure the cleanliness of the air entering the engine, which provides optimal conditions for its operation and prevents the wear of its parts.

4. Hydraulic filters - designed to clean the working fluid in hydraulic systems from dirt particles, which helps to ensure their smooth and reliable operation.

5. Interior filters - provide cleaning of the air entering the interior of the car from harmful substances and allergens, which ensures comfortable conditions of stay in the interior and improves the health of passengers.

Our main warehouse of filters is located in Rivne and Khmelnytskyi, but we also offer delivery of our goods throughout Ukraine. To order delivery, you need to contact our manager, specify the required filters and delivery address, and we will send them to you in the near future.