Threading Tools

Threading Tools
A threading tool is a metal cutting tool designed to create threads on various parts. This category includes taps, dies, holders for dies, etc.

The main products in this category are taps and dies:

A tap is a cutting tool designed for cutting internal threads in blind and through holes.
Manual tapping taps are usually supplied three in each set. The number of the tap in the set is indicated by circular lines on the tap itself. There is usually one line on the first tick, two on the second, and so on. Usually, the finishing tap does not have scratches. With the first and second taps, the thread is cut to a predetermined size (roughing), and with the third, the thread is given the final size and shape (finishing).

A die, also known as a screw cutter, is a tool for cutting threads on the external cylindrical surfaces of parts such as bolts, screws, studs and others.
To hold and rotate the dies, special spinners or die holders are used.

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