New arrival of spare parts for rotary mowers Wirax Z-169, Z-069

IN AGROCENTER New arrival of spare parts to Wirax Z-169, Z-069

Rotary mowers are designed for mowing all green plants in meadows and fields. The high speed of working disks allows to receive very good quality and productivity of mowing. They have proven themselves well in both small and large farms.

The range of spare parts for mowers includes bolts, shafts, bushings, seals, rings, valves, casings, housings, bearing assembly, bearing housings, fasteners, covers, knives, bases, gaskets, springs, rotors, hubs, plates, plates. Pulleys, Pins, Studs, Dowels, Pins.

The strong and reliable design of Wirax mowers guarantees long and uninterrupted work of the car and our spare parts will help to support them in an ideal condition.

1048 26/01/2022
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