Sanding Elements

Sanding Elements
In the Grinding elements category of our online store you will find all kinds of products that will help you clean or sharpen any material or tool.

Our range is divided into several subcategories according to the type of grinding elements:

Wheels: This type of grinding element is ideal for grinding. They are available in various variations: grinding wheels, flap wheels, grinding and sharpening wheels, Velcro abrasive wheels.

Tapes: Tapes come in several varieties, but mineral coating is the most common.

Sheets: These sanders are designed to work on metal and their use requires vigilance and skill to avoid damage.

Brushes This category contains a wide range of sanding brushes that are designed for working on metal surfaces. They can be of different shapes (manual or for fixing into a drill or grinder) and are available in different price categories.

Before choosing a sander, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the details and characteristics to ensure you get the best results in your work.

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