Advantages and applications of AGROPA plows in agriculture: efficiency, weed control and ensuring soil quality

The use of plows is becoming more and more important in agriculture because it reduces the need to use chemicals to care for crops. For many farmers, plows have become the first choice, especially as an alternative to general herbicides and as a means of controlling herbicide-resistant weeds.

The main advantages of using plows:

  • Weed control: Plows help control the growth and spread of weeds.
  • Interrupting the cycle of infectious diseases transmitted by pests: Orca breaks the chain of disease transmission from pests to plants.
  • Reduction of pest populations such as mice and slugs and associated damage.
  • Improving soil aeration to promote gas exchange necessary for decomposition of organic matter.
  • Uniform leveling of the field surface.

We have in stock mounted plows (reversible) with 4-5 housings manufactured by AGROPA (Czech Republic)

They are optimal for the main soil with this working width. The design of the plow is based on long-term experience and operational tests. The materials used are of guaranteed quality and meet production standards.

The working organs of the plow, such as the blade strips, traction, strip fasteners and others, can be easily replaced with parts from Lemken plows - as our plows are analogues.

The plow is protected by shear bolts that break when it collides with an obstacle. The body of the plow consists of a rigid structure on which the working organs are fixed. They are made of high-quality boron steel imported from abroad, which ensures high strength, resistance to wear and minimal adhesion of soil to the working surfaces.

The entire construction of the plow is designed to make adjustment and maintenance simple.

Characteristics of 4- and 5-body mounted plows:


Tractor power
Width of capture
Number of cases
Height to the frame
The distance between the bodies

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